The trusted source for delivering innovative energy reduction technologies.


PDS creates opportunities for overseas emerging technology to become market ready for the United States. PDS has been supplying and creating awareness for real-time feedback monitors since 2007. These monitors allow consumers to view their energy consumption in real time. People become empowered to make informed decisions about how best to use electricity, which in turn reduces their energy costs.

Wireless Electricity Monitors lead to better household energy management. From electric water heaters to space heaters to new light bulbs, PDS is dedicated to changing the way people view energy use.
Once you know the actual costs of using your air conditioning or space heaters in real time you can fine tune your usage to save money.

Simple changes in behavior can drastically lower every consumer’s electric bill. If enough people start making changes it can have an amazing positive impact on the environment. PDS is committed to the continual improvement of its products. They save money effortlessly.